Vacation With The Whole Neely Gang

I have to say our family vacations are always filled with some great fun. There was one major addition to 2007 – my brother Tripp. It has been over a decade since we spent a vacation together. It was great! Click here for more photos from the trip.
Most people do not realize the very end of Cherry Grove, SC is extremely unique. Most people do not even make it that way via car, or beach. The road ends (and is actually blocked), and the beach curves around making people feel as if it is private. We love that area – there really is so much to do if you are not the typical sit-on-the-beach person.
Everyone had an utter blast. Mary Beth perfected her kayaking skills with Mark’s assistance. Sarah showed no fear running straight to the water, and jumping in the kayaks as well. It was relaxing, as well as exhausting. I hate we had to end the time together only to head into the real world.


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  1. Liz Forman

    Wonderful photos, Sally! Thanks for sharing them….. Love, Liz


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