How Fragile We Are

Every second is of infinite value. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yesterday Mark and I were reminded of the truth in Goethe’s quote. We had an amazing family vacation with my parents and brother. Unfortunately, during our return drive home, we experience firsthand how fragile life can be. I am so thankful that God placed His hand on us – protecting us from harm, and giving us the strength to help in a traumatic situation. We witnessed the death of a woman in Hartsville, SC yesterday afternoon. Mark has been a Wilderness First Responder who has kept up on all his life saving certification. After he acted quickly to save us from being hit, he immediately went into action to help in a crisis. I placed a call for help, and situated another victim safely. Mark did everything he could do, but there was a different plan for this woman. The vehicle was overturned – partially on the woman -Mark tried to rescue her. We learned that she was eight months pregnant (originally we thought she was in the early stages of pregnancy) which brought even more trauma to the situation.
We walked away changed. It is not the first time my husband has experienced a site such as this, but it is the first time as a husband, and father. Having a family of your very own to protect and love makes you think differently. It is easy to give way to trivial things in life when there is nothing that matters more than life itself. You can have all the “things” in the world, but life is the most precious.
I imagine the man and woman brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, and heading out the door for a nice Sunday afternoon. I am sure neither of them thought “I may never see the person I love again.” We all need to live life as if it is our last day…no pettiness, no useless anger, no spite – just love and faith.I feel like we are both in a post-traumatic state right now. I don’t know if we will ever get the images out of our heads. Mark and I went to breakfast together this morning – we were surprised about how jumpy we both were in the car. Most importantly, we both began our day recognizing every moment together is something to cherish.
Please just pray for peace for the families, the other young girl involved in the accident, and for Mark. He needs peace in knowing he did everything within his power…there was simply a greater power in control.


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