North Moves South

Some of my most best memories stem from the days when I lived in Charleston. I transferred to the College of Charleston, and met one of the best friends I would ever have in my life. We lived in a great house just a block from the college – A North Carolina girl thrown together with your typical Long Island New Yorker. We were from opposite ends of the spectrum, yet developed a bond that cannot be put into words.
Angela is New York through and through – in one, tiny package! She had never been out of New York, and with some strange twist of fate she found herself in the epitome of the south. She arrived in Charleston first (I was coming a few days later). I distinctly remember getting a phone call from her in hysterics…(Just imagine the thickest Long Island accent you can) ” Oh-my-God! There are pink houses and palm trees growing in the street!” I busted out laughing knowing she was referring to the Palmetto trees.
Everything about Angela endeared me to her more and more. From her comments on grits – “Grits?! What the heck are grits? Where I come from grit is dirt – not something you eat.” – to her love of high heels (she wore them while riding her bike to class). I appreciated the industrial sized can of hairspray to maintain her Long Island “do.” Though one of my favorite experiences with her was the night she took me out on the town Angela style. She filled me full of pasta,and taught me Italian obscenities. I was lost, and heartbroken when she decided Charleston wasn’t for her.
We have remained friends for 16 years! I’ve been to New York to visit, and she’s ventured back to the south. Every time we are together it is like we have never been apart. Our children were even born just hours a part. Well, the south is about to be in for a shock! Angela and her family have sold their home,and are building a beautiful house on Jordan Lake in Chapel Hill, NC. I have to say when she was talking about moving to the area I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case she had a change of heart. The house is in progress, and August is the month north is heading south! After 16 years, we will live in the same area. Maybe this means we can grow old together and lean on each other as everything north on our bodies heads south!

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