Are We There Yet?

Tomorrow we head out for a nice beach vacation. I am actually kind of excited as my entire family will be together. I do not think Tripp and I have actually spent time at the beach together since we were kids. The only downside right now – I have heard the same question five times a day for about 2 weeks. It is the very same question that occurs about once per hour today…”Mama, when are we going to the beach?”
I am trying to simplify this vacation. I always wind up taking way too much. Just when I think I am doing great, I learn that my packing gene has taken a nice swim down the gene pool.

Bathing Suits & Towels a
Sunscreen & Beach Toys a
Snacks a
Lamby & Blankie a
10 pocketbooks (in case Sarah needs them)… ahhh no
Bead necklaces… don’t think so
Every penguin we own…no way
Kitchen sink…. she seems to want to bring everything else – why not that?!

We are going to be packed to the gills! It is probably going to seem like we are driving across the entire U.S. DVD player is charging, IPOD is loaded, tank is full of gas…Are we there yet?


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