Today Is A Two Entry Day: Part II- RAVE

Birthdays! What fond memories. I was always about a birthday – particularly the cake! The tot has, without a doubt, inherited that gene from me. We spent a greater part of the morning at a fourth birthday party. I knew it was going to be a hoot when Sarah popped up at 7:30 this morning asking if it was time to go to Lilli’s house. She was ready and waiting with very little coaxing.

I started thinking about the awesome parties we had as kids. My mom always made our cake. We had M&M’s along with ice cream in the little cups. Looking back, it always seemed like a no-pressure type of thing (although I know my mother always made it look that way).

So many moms today are wanting to out perform the other moms with the birthdays. It’s almost the opposite idea of the “for the kids” concept. Sarah’s two little best buddies had their parties this past month. They were so much fun – all about the cake and ice cream! Bubbles, and dress up clothes with the occasional PB&J mean a four-star party. We expanded the same concept with Mary Beth’s 13th birthday…it was a classic backyard party. The parting thought I have this afternoon – I wish I had gotten a bigger piece of that homemade cake!

(That IS me with my Nanny & Papa)


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  1. Liz Forman

    Love seeing Rhoda and Nate! Also love the tag line under your blog title….. It’s a real “Designing Women” classic…. I think we all have a little Julia Sugarbaker in us! Love, Liz


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