Today Is A Two Entry Day: Part I – RANT

I am not the most “put together” person at times. I may even lean more to the fashion flop – you know the picture with the black strip over the eyes? However, a fashion faux-pas that has gotten out of control, and causes me to really scratch my head…derriere words and phrases. You can say I am not hip, or clued in (totally fine with me), but I don’t get it!

I was walking through a store earlier today when I saw a girl (busting out of the pants no less) with the word “Hot” on her rear end. She was anything but hot in those pants. I know there are trends in fashion we all love, or hate. I’m not going to shed a tear when this one is over though. you can hang them up with all the neon colored clothes of the 80’s. It spans anywhere from clothing found at Walk-Mart, Victoria’s Secret, and sororities now. Of course, you can never control the words of a child, and the little one happened to be with me-

“Mama, why does that girl have letters on her hiney?”

” I don’t know, Sarah.”

“Well maybe she is learning to write her letters like me.”


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