Slave to The Coffee Bean

Today I realized something about myself…I am a slave to the coffee bean. It’s not a pretty addiction, but there are far worse vices which are legal and illegal! I am not one of those people who drinks coffee all day long – rather it is my morning treat. There have been days without, and I dare say it probably wasn’t a pretty site.

I have forgotten that coffee is a drug – Starbucks is my dealer bent on filling my veins. Like tobacco or alcohol or Ice Cream – decaf is like methadone.It’s not just Starbucks. These days you can find a coffee house on every corner. Even the run-of-the-mill fast food chains are offering “premium coffee.” I am also content with the product that brewed in my own coffee pot this morning. My husband just argued the drug point with me the other day. I did not accept it just like any junkie.

I just read something said by Dr. Thomas Rogers, a naturopathic physician.”Coffee just happens to be a very popular, socially accepted medicine or drug. When something like that becomes incorporated into our societal rituals we don’t think anything of it. Just like any medicine, it has potential for abuse.” Apparently it acts as a It acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the brain. Next time I will listen to my husband.
During the time I was beating myself up about my fancy, I read about people who consume 3 Venti’s EACH MORNING (for those non-coffee people that is like a jumbo drink) ! I also learned about people who keep a pot brewing all day. Not only that – I was shocked at the amount of money people spend on a fix. The fancy coffee is a treat for me on the rare occasion.
It has been stated that 4-5 cups of coffee per day is perfectly safe for the general population! I feel sooo much better now! My little mugs are tiny Portmerion mugs…tea mugs actually. Three of mine add up to the average two cups of coffee. So, my morning alarm clock that delivers that swell of happiness isn’t so bad. Listen to me making it o.k…Hi my name is Sally, and I am a coffee-a-holic.
(I think I may work to incorporate black or green tea every other day.)

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