Weighing the Options

Lately I have contemplated going back to school. I had mentioned elsewhere (Love of Learning)that I have always loved learning, reading and expanding my mind. It is a true desire of mine to continue my education. Quite often I do so “unofficially” through research, and reading.What if I really went back to school – How on Earth would I be able to do this?

One, I have a family. I know, without a doubt, they will be uber-supportive! Nevertheless, it will be extremely hard (not just on me). I completely understand that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I also think of what this might teach them about goals.

If that wasn’t enough for me to think twice…I discovered tuition costs. Thud! I hit the floor. Ok, so I can find time and make it work, but money is a different story altogether. Now I have to figure out how to pay for it. Enter the education grants, loans, and scholarship options…a whole new world, and a whole lot of paperwork! I think I spent hours looking at just that segment of my endeavor. I can only imagine what it will be when my children go down this road.

For now I weigh the options. I’ve got to work to live, and I actually like working/contributing. I’ll have to drive approximately 30-40 minutes for the program I need. Most importantly, I have to pay for it. It is all too overwhelming at times. A person can dream though. I look at Nola Ochs…God bless her. 95 years old, and a new college grad! Her 21-year-old granddaughter graduated with her. How inspiring is that? She is now setting her eyes on her Masters. I take great hope in all of this. It might be when I am 95 that I get the opportunity.


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  1. Liz Forman

    You go, girl! You can do it…and you have a great family that supports you! I will come to your graduation… Love, Liz


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