My New "Gotta Have"

I love food. I’m not going to lie about it. Growing up in the South – food=comfort. Don’t get me wrong though…I am not one of those “food is my comfort so I gorge myself” kind of people. My newest, absolute favorite snack (side dish, main dish – you name it!)…EDAMAME. I’ve known about it for a long while, but over the past year is when I decided it was a new favorite.

The first few times I heard it, I had to ask, “eda-whaty?” You can argue all the advantages or disadvantages of soy products (for some people, like breast cancer patients, it isn’t a choice), but the main point I am getting to…Edamame is a yummy, healthy snack! Packed with Fiber…9 grams, about the same amount you’ll find in 4 slices of whole-wheat bread or 4 cups of steamed zucchini. It has almost as much protein as it does carbohydrate. It contains around 10% of the Daily Value for two key antioxidants; vitamins C and A. And for a plant food, it’s quite high in iron; it has about as much as a 4-ounce roasted chicken breast. Eat up!


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