Back From Alaska

Mary Beth returned from an amazing trip through Alaska. Jet lag has now officially set in, but not without a little time spared for sharing a few stories. I am so proud of her attitude with this experience. I, for one, am totally amazed!
Apparently, she became the leader that her guides expected her to be. She was the one that took care of everything without being asked, and did more than her share of jobs at hand. A new person emerged in Alaska – one that fears less, accomplishes more, and hungers for experience. The child who faints at the site of blood took care of a nasty wound on her leader (much to my surprise). She was also the kid who shouted “let’s go” when everyone else wanted to go back…they stayed and rested, Mary Beth went ahead with a guide and her friend, Matt. Together the three accomplished one of the most difficult hikes in feet of snow (slid back down on their bellies!!!!)
Mary Beth was dubbed “Ma Beth.” She took care of those who got sick, and snapped those who got lazy with cooking/cleaning into gear. Her one day of homesickness (when she received goodies from home) went away as fast as the brownies! Her positive attitude was displayed the whole time for everyone to see. Now she is ready for more…a hardcore, diehard hiker/backpacker. Mark now has a partner!
You did it Mary Beth! I am so proud of you. If you would like to see her photo album – please feel free to take a look.


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