If You Are In The Market For Wonderful…

A fact about my brother that I failed to mention before – he is an unbelievable chef! He loves to cook, and sees food as an art. The other day he called me and said, “I am giving you the night off, and preparing a great meal for you.” Well, ok – you don’t have to ask me twice.

He prepared a lovely meal: gazpacho, salad, mahi-mahi with lump crab and mango/pear salsa, potato salad, and sauteed baby spinach. I would be 400 pounds if he were here all the time. How I wish I had his talent.
We had a great time, and good conversation. Ladies – he is single too! He’s ready to “take care of a woman.” He loves the thought of kids (you ought to see him with mine), cooking for the family, and making his family a priority. The joke of the evening was he is ready to be a “wife.” He has no problem with being a modern man. He said all he wants is to take care of someone – no thanks required. He should rub off on all men! Tripp is into health & fitness, good movies, and fun adventures! He swims with dolphins, adores the beach, and actually writes quite a bit. If you are in the market for wonderful, you can submit your resume to me with a 4X6 photo.


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