My "Little" Brother

On the rare occasion my baby brother comes into town for a visit. Everyone is so happy to see him, and to catch up with his latest interests. He is an amazing man now! He is kind, gentle, and a hard worker. He leads a life so many people would love to live – traveling around, working in various incredible vacation sites, and living life according to his own rules.
I remember the days when we were growing up – the time I took for granted with him. I was the big sister, and could do some pretty mean things to him. All of that changed when he began to grow (and grow, and grow). I have a vivid memory of my mother allowing him to sit on me, and dangle worms in my face after I did something nasty to him. She did so to teach me a lesson (and boy what a lesson that was). I love my brother dearly,and wish I could be with him more. My children adore him, and the excitement around my house is great. Mary Beth was fit to be tied when she learned he was here while she is in Alaska! She called my parents to chat with him for quite a while….COLLECT! What a great gift the next few days…Welcome home Tripp.


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  1. Liz Forman

    Great, blog, Sally!! I remember when Tripp was born… how time flies!! Love to all the Neelys from the Steeles and Formans


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