Checking In From Alaska

I am very excited because I heard from Mary Beth last night (almost this morning as she wasn’t paying close attention to the time difference). She sounded awesome! My previous post about “roots and wings” surely has paid off with this. Her wings are spread,and she is making the most of this experience! Though it was difficult for me to let her go, it is time to open the world up to her. I know time will fly so quickly, and I will be doing the same for Sarah before I know it. After days in the wilderness, the group came into Talkeetna (where the movie Snow Dogs was filmed). Where did they head to immediately? McDonalds! Though knowing Mary Beth she got a salad along with the junk. She has been able to see so much wildlife – bears, caribou, and even a wolf (which according to her is less than a 10% chance). I could hear the excitement, the joy, and the love of this experience in her voice. She was looking forward to staying a night in the hostel, taking her first shower, and doing some laundry. Ahhhh the things we take for granted. She is only half way through her trip, and I still have a long wait to see that beaming face. Her next adventure is sea kayaking, and a whale cruise/expedition.


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