Roots and Wings

My oldest daughter is in Alaska. We have been doing so much research, investigating etc… Alaska has swiftly moved to the top of my “must see” list. I’ve been checking the weather and following her path daily. However, I don’t know if I would enjoy backpacking for 16 days like she is doing. I definitely could handle camping,and hiking expeditions. 16 days is just a long time. When she called the other night (before heading out into the wilderness) I was so excited! There was so much I wanted to ask her. I hung up longing to be experiencing this with her.
I mailed a package off to her the other day. The group gets to stay in a hostel for one night (can you imagine nine, 13 year-old kids for 16 days?) Each of the parents sent a surprise care package. So I baked brownies, included her favorite Junior Mints, wrote her notes… sent a little love from home. Don’t think I didn’t contemplate flying there and delivering it in person.
Letting her go like that was not an easy task for me. I love being around her, she is one of the most fascinating people I know. As a parent, one of the most difficult things you can do is give your child roots and wings. I’ve managed the former pretty well…now I am going to work on the latter.

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