Deeper Appreciation

Lately I have developed a deeper interest in photography. It is something I have always loved and admired. Way back when, I took photojournalism classes with my old manual camera. It was one of the best classes ever – it got me out of my element in a sense. Right now, I have a great little camera that takes pretty darn good pictures, but would love to be able to really develop myself more with great equipment. Unfortunately, I do not have the dispensable income to indulge my fancy.

I’ve been fascinated by “Picturetown.” It is part of the Nikon site . Nikon gave people in a SC town the new D40 camera and sent them on their way to take photos. Some of the pictures are down right amazing (like this flower)! Nikon is having a contest where they are giving away 40-D40 cameras, and I am trying to win one (fingers crossed).
I’ve been asked about the picture in my header. Another fascination of mine – Alaska. My oldest daughter set out on a 16-day backpacking trip through Alaska with a small summer adventure group.
I have a deeper appreciation for great pictures. I am trying to develop a new project and hope photography will play a great part.

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